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Japanese Kokeshi Dolls

Traditional handmade wooden Japanese Kokeshi Dolls have been a consistent inspiration over the years. My paintings and drawings aim to encapsulate the craftsmanship and individual character of these beautiful dolls.



Cherry Blossom

The stunning annual displays of pink Cherry 'Sakura' Blossoms has influenced many of my works of art. Did you know that in 2021, the Sakura blossom season in Japan reached full bloom earlier this year than at any time since formal records began in 812 AD.



Isle of Wight

I am lucky enough to live on the beautiful Isle of Wight, just of the south coast of England, UK. The stunning coastal scenery, landscapes and historical landmarks on the island provide a constant source of inspiration on my doorstep.



I love creating new original works of art, from acrylic paintings, to detailed drawings and tiny art miniatures (known as artist trading cards or ACEO). My original works don't tend to hang around for long but some have been recreated as beautiful quality art prints and cards. My artwork is sold safely and securely through Etsy, the link below will take you to my Etsy store where you can browse current work for sale.